Far too often drivers discount the value and importance of having a great set of tires. Fortunately, at John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM, our service experts understand the value of tire maintenance and replacement. When you visit our Morganton car dealership for maintenance you can rest assured that your tires will be a top focus for us.

Your tires can take on quite a beating while out on the road, battling against potholes, cracks, and the occasional curb. That said, your tires are not invincible, and each bump, bruise, and scrape can add up. Over time, the grooves in your tires, or the treads, can wear out. The tread is essential to keeping your car gripped with the road, and when this tread becomes bald, can end up reducing your ability to remain stable on the pavement. As a result, during rainy or icy road conditions, you can more easily hydroplane. Not replacing your tires over an extended period can also lead to a dangerous blowout, which can leave you stranded on the side of the road or even get you into an accident.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of these issues by performing the ‘penny test’ on your tires. The penny test involves grabbing a penny and slipping it into the individual grooves of your tires’ tread. If you can still see the top of Abraham Lincoln’s hat poking out of the tread, it might be time for a replacement. While this method works, it pales in comparison to having an actual service expert perform an inspection.

If you’re looking for a Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, or Jeep service professional who knows a lot about tires, John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM has got you covered. Our service and parts department is home to a whole team of auto experts who know everything there is to know about tires and tire maintenance.