Replacing a car part can be frustrating situation. But when you have a Chrysler parts center you can trust for repairs, you’ll be able to drive with more peace of mind.

Our team of experienced technicians here at John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM will get right to work diagnosing what’s wrong with your car and will find the right MOPAR part to get your car back on the road.

Five Reasons to Choose MOPAR Parts

When you do get your repairs, skip the search for substitute parts. Here are five reasons why you should always get your repairs with genuine MOPAR parts.

  1. Your Parts Will Last Longer: Substitute parts aren’t as reliable as MOPAR parts when you need to repair your Chrysler vehicle. By choosing MOPAR parts for your repairs, you’ll need to make fewer trips to the repair shop.
  2. You’ll Save Money: Even though they generally cost more than substitute pars upfront, choosing MOPAR parts will pay for itself in the long-run. By needing fewer repairs over time, you will spend less money in the process.
  3. MOPAR Parts Often Come With a Warranty: Speaking of ways to save money, MOPAR parts are often covered by a warranty, giving you confidence on the road.
  4. Better Performance: If your RAM 1500 needs repairs or you have to replace a part on your rugged Jeep Wrangler, the last thing you want is a part with inferior performance. MOPAR parts won’t let you down when you need your vehicle the most.
  5. Reliable Quality: As opposed to other aftermarket parts, MOPAR parts are made by Chrysler, so there’s never going to be a question about whether or not the part is made with quality.

Schedule your service appointment at our Morganton service center today to make sure your car is in the right hands.