If you’ve seen a used RAM 1500 within your budget and wondered if it was a good choice for you, we have some helpful information. Purchasing a pre-owned car of any kind can save you money as you avoid that pesky new car depreciation.

Depending on the specific details and condition of the vehicle, some deals may be better than others.

What to Look for in a Used Car

Buying a pre-owned car is a lot like buying new, but there are additional factors you’ll want to take into consideration, especially if you’re looking for a reliable model.

Depending on your price point, there are a few different ways you can go with it:

  • Almost New: This is a vehicle that is up to a year or two old that’s still in great condition with low mileage. This is ideal for people with larger budgets or those that plan on financing and driving that same car for many miles to come.
  • Very Used: This one has been around the block many times and for that reason, it’s available for a super low price. This is ideal for new buyers or those that want to pay out of pocket without financing.
  • In Between: This could be your perfect compromise of price vs. mileage and wear and tear plus reliability.

Given What we Know Now, Is a Used RAM 1500 Reliable?

The RAM 1500 in particular is a very trusty model. The powertrain system in this truck is known for its ruggedness and its ease of repairs. There is definitely a reason our brand has been producing it for decades.

We have some new as well as some pre-owned RAM 1500 models in stock at John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM. Visit our website or swing by our dealership to learn more.