Our Morganton used cars include a large variety of makes, models, and features. This makes it a totally plausible option for many drivers, especially if you have an idea of what you’re looking for.


With a handy little list of questions to ask, you can find your perfect used car match in no time.

1. What’s the Price?

When shopping for a new car, the first priority should always be narrowing the budget. It’s easier to cut out options that definitely won’t work for you and focus those ones closest to what you want and need. It’s a good idea to have a range of what you’d like to spend to what is the most comfortable max.

2. What’s the Mileage?

This question is important for obvious reasons – a high mileage car is going to require more care than one that is almost new. Not only that, but you’ll want to think about how long you plan to drive your used car and what is a realistic mileage to expect from it.

3. Is it Certified?

Our CPO cars come with a whole host of perks and guarantees of quality. After passing an in-depth inspection, only our finest used cars fit into that category.

4. Is there a Vehicle History Report?

It’s important to know if there are any known accidents your vehicle has been involved in. Sometimes these reports can also shed light on service history.

5. What’s the Condition?

This one is less a question to ask and more a detail to check for yourself. If the interior appearance and condition is important to you, that’s something you can check upon test driving.

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