Used cars in Morganton range from “like new” to “been around the block.” New drivers, those looking to build their credit, and families alike can find the value in the pre-owned selection we have to offer.

Financing isn’t reserved for new cars only, so we invite you to consider how that may fit into your plans for your next vehicle.

Financing Pre-Owned

Financing your pre-owned vehicle can have a lot of benefits, especially if you’ve never had a car loan before or have minimal existing credit. The concept of paying your vehicle off over time, no matter what the cost is, can be a financially smart choice for a lot of car buyers.

Other benefits that come along with financing a pre-owned car include:

  • Raising your credit score when you make on-time payments
  • Freeing up your savings for other spending or emergencies
  • Potentially paying it off sooner than the financing of a new car or a lease

Financing Terms to Know

There are also some financing terms you’ll want to be familiar with if you’ve never had a car loan before.

  • Down payment: Lump sum you pay at the beginning of the loan process (sometimes required)
  • MSRP: The manufacturer suggested retail price of the vehicle
  • Principle: The initial amount you are borrowing
  • Interest rate/APR: The fee percentage the lender adds to your loan
  • Monthly payment: Amount you’ll pay to the lender every month until the loan is paid off

Shop Pre-Owned with Us

Our Jeep® dealership financing team at John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM is ready to answer any questions you may have regarding financing a car with us.

We invite you to check out our inventory online and come by as soon as you have a model or two in mind to test drive.