You’ve done the research, saved the money, and are the proud owner of a new RAM 1500. Naturally, you want to take care of your new truck, but you may be running into the same problem we’ve heard from a lot of drivers: how often do you need to be visiting our RAM service center?

RAM Truck Service Schedule

The maintenance schedule for your RAM model will vary based on how many miles you put on it and what kind of driving you’re doing. When in doubt, consult your owner’s manual or an expert here at our John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM service center.

But to make things a little easier, here are a few timelines you’ll want to keep in mind:

  • Oil Changes: You should change your oil at least twice a year – but more often if you’re putting more miles on your truck.
  • Tire Rotations: Another bi-yearly maintenance task, at least. A good rule of thumb is every 7,500 miles though, so pay attention to your mileage!
  • Inspections and Part Replacements: It’s important to stay on top of regular maintenance and inspections, both to keep you safe and keep you on the road. Try to stick with a 30-60-90 schedule, meaning bringing your vehicle at 30,000, 60,000, and 90,000 mile intervals.

RAM Service in Morganton, NC

These schedules are just a start – the best way to make sure your RAM truck is getting the care it needs is to talk to the experts. So call our service center to schedule your next visit.

Our service technicians are specially trained in your vehicle, and they can help you find the right schedule for your RAM service visits.