You’ve probably heard it a thousand times – that your vehicle needs regular service and maintenance. But our Morganton Dodge dealers also know that a lot of drivers are busy, and often put off service and maintenance.

Which leads to the question, what happens when you skip your regular service and maintenance? The technicians at our Dodge service center have some answers to that!

Why Dodge Service Is Important

Putting off oil changes, tire rotations, and part replacements for your Dodge vehicle can seem like an easy way to save time or money, but it can be very detrimental. So, what happens when you don’t stick with your regular maintenance schedule?

  • Shorter Vehicle Lifespan: Regular maintenance tasks help preserve your vehicle and keep the parts in good shape. The more you put them off, the more likely your car will deteriorate or break down faster.


  • Worse Drive Experience: Whether it’s increased fuel costs from driving on old tires or fighting against a pull to the side after putting off a wheel alignment, you’re likely to struggle with your Dodge vehicle after putting off service.


  • Safety Concerns: Brakes that aren’t working at full capacity, belts or hoses that break on the road, or even just decreased visibility from old wiper blades can be serious safety issues. Regular maintenance will keep you and your passengers safer!

Dodge Service in Morganton, NC

As it turns out, regular Dodge service and maintenance can save you time and money, as well as make your on-road experience safer and more enjoyable. So don’t put it off – schedule your service at John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM.