While a broken muffler won’t prevent your vehicle from running, it will announce itself in the best way possible, by being very loud. Let John Greene Chrysler Dodge Jeep® RAM show you the different types of mufflers and why they are just as important as other dodge parts.

What is a muffler?

A muffler’s role is straightforward, they reduce the sound created by a car’s engine. Their design might look simple, but careful planning has gone into their construction to reduce as much noise as possible.

Types of Mufflers

Straight-through mufflers

As the name suggests, this muffler consists of just one straight pipe. The pipe is perforated and surrounded with sound-absorbing material to reduce noise. Designed to allow maximum exhaust flow resulting in peak engine performance, this type of muffler is used in most racing and performance setups.

Chambered mufflers

This type of muffler is composed of multiple chambers with sound-absorbing material inside the muffler body to allow the sound waves to bounce around and collide, interfering with one another and eventually canceling each other out. While this muffler can effectively reduce engine noise, its low guttural sound described as a “growl” makes it a popular muffler for muscle cars.

Turbo mufflers

Taking its cue from the previous two mufflers, turbo mufflers make use of perforated pipes and multiple chambers to provide the best sound deadening capability. This muffler also makes use of a Helmholtz resonator, a chamber with a single entrance/exit designed to maintain a certain pressure and allow sound waves of specific frequencies to bounce around and interfere with each other.

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