If you need a replacement for your old car, try looking at pre-owned vehicles. There are plenty of used cars for sale, most of them at a more affordable price. You end up driving a great car while having more money in your pocket. For more reasons how used cars can save you money, read on to learn more.

Avoid the Initial Depreciation

Avoiding depreciation is the biggest benefit of buying a used car. New cars lose on average about 20% to 30% of their value in their first year, after that, they continue to lose around 10% – 15% of their value per year. Buying used vehicles means you get greater value for your money.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurance costs are calculated based on the value of a car; a new $30,000 car will have higher premiums compared to a $10,000 used one.

More information is available on used cars

More and more information about a car is gathered every year they’re on the road. Reports about hidden defects, real-world driving performance, and recalls are readily available and can help you choose the best vehicle.

Tips on buying used cars

Avoid popular models

Popular car models hold their value well so even if they’re sold used, they’ll still have a high price tag. Try choosing less popular but more affordable cars instead; even models that are considered boring will offer great value if they prove to be reliable.

Have a budget in mind

Before buying a used car, you should set a budget that fits your financial situation. This helps you from going over budget.

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